Hardscaping Services

Myatt Landscaping Concepts offers a full range of masonry services to compliment and enhance our plantings. Whether you are in need of a bluestone patio or a natural garden wall, we bring years of experience to each project. Walkways, formal walls, stone paths, boulder placement, steps, and driveway construction are all possible with Myatt Landscaping.

Providing a solution to a difficult design problem, transforming a property to an award winning landscape or restoring a garden to its original luster can be a very intriguing and involved prospect.
We are not only proficient in the construction of these hardscape features but we bring a distinctive flare to each project. There is no need to take a cookie cutter approach to a wall or path when each site offers the chance to be inventive and creative with a solution.

Imagine sitting on a raised, circular patio supported by natural stones and taking in a sunset on a warm summer’s evening. Or you may want to stroll down a winding path of stone and relax at a custom water feature of select boulders and babbling water. If your property is lacking that certain element that would unify the landscape - you may be in need of quality hardscaping to enhance your outdoor living space.