Chris Eakins: Celebrating 20 Years

Chris Eakins: Celebrating 20 Years

By Myatt Landscaping, Posted in Feature Stories
February 05, 2021

As of Sunday, Feb 7, Chris Eakins will have been with Myatt Landscaping for 20 years. He has been friends with Scott and Todd Myatt since before they started the company, and was working in manufacturing when the company he worked for shifted production to Mexico.

“I was actively searching for a new job and Scott called me out of the blue and asked me if I would be interested in working here as the plant buyer. This happened on the same day that I had accepted a position with another company within eyesight of our office.”

Fortunately for Myatt, Chris accepted. He started out as Purchasing Manager, ordering plants and materials for installation jobs. Over time, his role grew to include estimating construction projects and handling billing. Today, his title is Lead Estimator & Construction Accounts Receivable.

When asked what made him stay at Myatt for 20 years, he answers with no hesitation: the culture.

            “We have had the same core group for many years. It makes for a unique work experience when everybody actually knows each other beyond work and spends time together in other activities not related to work. The projects speak for themselves; it is a lot of fun to see them go from lines on paper to the finished product. We have a lot of fun here while turning out some of the best projects in the triangle.”

Outside of work, Chris’ hobbies include hunting and fishing, and he frequently goes on trips with other employees to the Outer Banks for fishing and to a property in South Carolina to hunt deer. Afterward, he enjoys getting creative on the grill and sharing his saltwater catches and cuts of venison with friends and family (sometimes for a cookout at work!). Chris also places a priority on spending time with his family.

“I don’t want to watch my son grow up in pictures.”

For those aspiring to work in landscaping, Chris gives the following advice:

“In any industry, do your job, do it well and the rest will take care of itself. Let your work speak for itself, you do not have to put others down to make yourself look good.”

A few fast facts about Chris:

  1. Person you most respect: My dad…he is an outstanding example of how to be a man.
  2. Favorite book or movie: Forrest Gump….I thought it was cleverly written.
  3. Favorite plant: Chinese Fringe Tree / Chionanthus retusus
  4. Quality that best describes you: Easy Going
  5. Favorite inspirational quote:  “The harder you work, the luckier you get”