#FeatureFriday: West Johnson High School Field Trip

#FeatureFriday: West Johnson High School Field Trip

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November 09, 2018

Yesterday, we hosted thirteen horticulture students, a teacher, and an assistant teacher from West Johnson High School in Benson on a field trip to learn about the landscaping industry. This was our first time hosting such an event, but we were excited to share our facilities, our experiences, and our knowledge with young people, and encourage them to consider careers in the industry in the future. Everyone had a blast, and we hope they left with a better understanding of the diverse roles and partnerships that are essential in leading a landscape company to success.

The tour started off with short talks from Scott Myatt, company founder and president; Ryan Kimbro, Maintenance Division Manager; and Herbie Champion, Install Division Manager. They shared the history of the company as well their own professional development through the years, and talked about some interesting facets of their jobs (while the students enjoyed coffee and doughnuts from Krispy Kreme!).

IMG_4437 Scott Myatt talks about the importance of standing behind your work.

Next, Blake Bennett led a tour of our facilities, introducing all of our support staff and explaining many of our organizational processes. Many other staff joined the tour and answered questions from the students.

20181108_095225 Zach Daigle explains how plant deliveries are organized.

20181108_094811 Blake Bennett talks about why sorting our landscape and construction waste is important.

20181108_095909 Blake shows the students our on-site fueling area.

20181108_100804 Herbie Champion talks about our different types of trucks and how we customize them.

After the tour, we had some activities with a competitive edge planned--a plant ID quiz and a paver challenge where student teams had to fill a grid with a certain pattern correctly, the fastest team earning t-shirts with our logo. The students also designed their own planters with fall flowers to take home.

IMG_4450 The students participated in a plant ID quiz (with no multiple choice!).

IMG_2518 After the quiz, Caitlin Clineff shared some ID tips and tricks for each plant.

20181108_102705 Each student designed their own planter to take home, with guidance from Myatt Staff.

20181108_103725 We love sparking creativity with hands-on learning.

20181108_103734 Everyone enjoyed getting their hands dirty!

20181108_104658 Herbie demonstrates the use of a laser level prior to starting the paver challenge.

IMG_4454 The two teams set up for the paver challenge.

20181108_105450 Every person engaged in teamwork and problem-solving.

20181108_105500 Matching the pattern was harder than it looked!

20181108_111912 Just a few errors to correct... ;-)

20181108_111924 Pausing for a team discussion.

Both teams did a great job, and exercised their teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, and spacial reasoning skills.

20181108_113311 The students were treated to gigantic sandwiches and salads from Bagels Plus, the local deli.

20181108_120058 Winners of the plant ID and paver challenges were given their choice of Myatt t-shirt, and everyone received a Myatt Landscaping frisbee!

We had such a great time interacting with this fantastic group of young people, and we hope that they were inspired to learn more about the myriad of unique opportunities the landscape and horticulture industries have to offer. This class was a real pleasure to host--they asked great questions and engaged fully in all of the activities. We look forward to hosting students from West Johnson and other schools in the future!

If you would like to arrange a tour of Myatt Landscaping Concepts for your class, 4-H club, FFA chapter, Boy/Girl Scout troop, etc., please contact Caitlin@myattlandscaping.com.