Hector Olvera Lugo: Celebrating 25 Years

Hector Olvera Lugo: Celebrating 25 Years

By Myatt Landscaping, Posted in Feature Stories
April 03, 2020

Hector Olvera Lugo: Celebrating 25 Years 

We are so honored to be able to celebrate 25 years with Hector. Hector is our first employee to reach 25 years—the company is only 26 years old.  Only company owners Scott and Todd Myatt have been here longer.  We are incredibly humbled and grateful that Hector has chosen to make his career here with us.  His contributions to the company are immeasureable—he has grown and gained knowledge and a high level of skill in a multitude of areas, and has passed that knowledge on to everyone he works with.  In a time when opportunities in the landscape industry abound, what is it that makes someone want to stay with Myatt for a quarter of a century?  We asked Hector for his thoughts:

“Myatt is a very professional company and I really like being here.  I have been with the company since it was just a few guys and I have seen it grow a lot.  One thing I like about Myatt is that even with the growth they have stayed professional and do things right. They do not cut corners.  I have been offered opportunities at other companies but I know it’s not the same.  Myatt is a family company and I know I wouldn’t be treated this way at any other company.  They offer all the benefits and if I need time to do something with my family it is never a problem.  They respect my time with my family and help any way they can.  They always have steady work and they give me a lot of security for my family.  [Scott] and [Todd] both want us to have what we need to do our job.  They always provide good equipment and take care of everything they have.  I have learned a lot at Myatt and I am proud of where I am at!”

Herbie Champion, our Installation & Construction Manager, started working in an entry-level installation crew position 16 and ½ years ago.  Hector has been an important mentor for him throughout his career at Myatt.  When asked about Hector’s contributions to the company, he responded, “Hector is one of the best.  He has not only used his 25 years at Myatt to learn more about the industry, but he has been a wonderful teacher of his knowledge as well.  He has taught me so many things over the years which have helped me to grow into the position I’m in.  Hector comes to work every day with a mission, and the detail in his work shows how much he cares for what he does.  He is a true professional and an amazing coworker.  Hector makes all of us better.”

Company President Scott Myatt says of Hector, “Hector is not only one of the best landscape and hardscape professionals I have ever worked with but is also one of the nicest people that I have ever met.  For 25 years, Hector has given his all at learning every new job we ever asked him to.  At each step along the way, he not only learned each new job, but excelled at it!  We are honored to have Hector on our team!

We hope to continue working with Hector for many years to come.


Pictured below: One of the many beautiful projects Hector has worked on through the years.