#TeachingTuesday: Visitors from Alamance CC and South Johnston HS!

#TeachingTuesday: Visitors from Alamance CC and South Johnston HS!

By Myatt Landscaping, Posted in School Tours
March 05, 2019

Last week was very busy for everyone at Myatt! We had two school groups come to our facility in Fuquay to learn from our fantastic staff. The first group was from the Horticulture Technology program at Alamance Community College and they came by for the afternoon on Wednesday, then Friday morning we had a group of high school students from South Johnston. Both groups were absolutely wonderful–intelligent, driven young people with so much potential. We are excited to be partnering with local schools like these and sharing our knowledge and passion for landscaping!

Alamance Community College

The students from ACC are part of a team of more than 20 students who will be heading to Fort Collins, Colorado in a few weeks to compete at the National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC) hosted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) at Colorado State University. The three students who visited us are each competing in a multitude of events, but we were specifically training them for truck and trailer driving, and operating skid steers, mini track loaders, and mini excavators.

Practicing backing a trailer
Checking fluids and doing a safety inspection
Practicing with the skid steer
Practicing with the mini excavator

They got pretty good by the end of the afternoon! We wish all of the ACC team the best of luck in Colorado! A big shout-out of thanks to Matt Parks of Herc Rentals Inc. in Apex for supplying the skid steer to help these students get competition-ready!

South Johnston High School

The group from SJHS came to learn about plant ID for the Certified Young Plant Professional exam, which is given by the North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association, and to learn how to construct patios and walkways from pavers. The students were truly a fantastic group, engaged in what they were doing and already very knowledgeable! Their teacher, Cindy Adams, is clearly doing a great job with the horticulture program at SJHS.

After a review, students took a practice plant ID quiz in one of our greenhouses
Installation Manager Herbie led a classroom session as well as hands-on learning activities
Learning about grade and paver patterns
Problem-solving, teamwork, communication…So many skills being practiced!
Lunch from Bagels Plus!
Fantastic group of students with bright futures!