Enhanced Modern Home

This charming home near Meredith College in Raleigh is a prime example of an existing landscape that our team meticulously maintains on a weekly basis. Our enhancement landscape designer has collaborated closely with the homeowner to build upon the existing beauty, creating a truly stunning outdoor space. The fescue lawn is kept impeccably green and weed-free year-round, while our sound horticultural practices ensure that the trees and shrubs remain healthy and vibrant throughout the seasons.

The front yard is a colorful display of blooms from spring through summer, adding a delightful pop to the white facade of the home. Azaleas, abelia, roses, carpet myrtle, and hydrangea all take turns flowering, providing a continuous spectacle of color and charm. The rear of the home offers a cozy retreat for the homeowners, with hostas, ferns, and hydrangeas creating a serene and picturesque landscape. This beautifully maintained property is a testament to our commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Behind the Project

Project Leaders

Robby Tackett Maintenance Account Manager

Scharmin Clifton Enhancement Designer

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