Winter tasks in the landscape

Winter tasks in the landscape

By Misty Gil, Posted in Feature Stories
December 15, 2022

Landscape maintenance in the winter may look a bit different than maintenance in the growing season. For one, landscape maintenance professionals probably won’t be doing mowing in the winter, or a whole lot of string trimming either. But the work done in the winter sets the stage for a beautiful spring. We call it getting the bones right. Each visit is spent cleaning up from fall leaf drop, keeping things neat and tidy, and getting plants ready for the growing season again.


One helpful task is grass and perennial cutbacks in late December through February. Roses are included in this process as well. Crews will cut select perennials and grasses back to nearly ground level, so they are ready to flush back vigorously the next growing season. Roses also get cut back, but not typically to the ground. The crew will leave 6”- 1’ of the plant in place. This not only keeps the landscape looking neat and clean, but it is also vital for the plant to perform well in the growing season and look neat and tidy through the winter.


Mulch is a good task in the winter as well. After leaves are buttoned up and the cutbacks are done, mulch or pine straw should be applied to make the bed space look nice as well as help keep moisture levels up when the weather turns warm again. Mulch and pine straw are an amazing way to freshen up a landscape and keep weeds at bay. Adding back in materials like mulch and pine straw that naturally compost over time is great for the health of your plants.

Weed Control

Weed control is always something that is needed year-round. There are many winter weeds that crop up, including chick weed and henbit, that can grow quickly and take over in record time. We also put pre-emergent herbicide down in beds and on the turf to keep weeds in check before they even have a chance to germinate in the spring. Skipping this step is never recommended.

Winter pruning

Winter is a great time to hand prune small trees to get the crossing branches taken care of. Branches rubbing against one another can wear away important layers of bark and can lead to the introduction of pests as well as branches that are not as strong as they should be. Crape Myrtles are notorious for this. Our crews also spend time limbing up low branches on trees that may drop when they have heavy leaves and get in the way of traffic and signs.

Blowing and debris removal 

Hard surface blowing to get leaves and debris off concrete and pavers to avoid any discoloration is vital to protecting your investment. Leaves can easily discolor these surfaces and letting them pile up can hold moisture and cold temperatures can cause this moisture to freeze and damage the concrete over time. Weekly or biweekly blowing will keep this from happening.

Landscape maintenance is a year-round task that needs to happen to keep your property looking great and well-maintained. Landscape maintenance protects your investment and makes it last for years longer. Our maintenance teams spend the winter each year preparing their sites for an amazing spring growing season and ensure each task is done on time and correctly.