French Garden in Raleigh

This Raleigh home boasts stunning Palace of Versailles-style boxwood hedges that lend an air of formality and elegance to the entire landscape. Installed by Myatt Landscaping and Construction, this project was meticulously designed to enhance the property's aesthetic appeal. The carefully crafted boxwood hedges create defined spaces that provide space for delightful pops of color year-round.

Our floriculture team designs and maintains planters, window boxes, and flower beds on the site year-round. Changing the annual flowers twice a year allows for including different colors and styles to accent the existing landscape. 

Our dedicated maintenance team at Myatt Landscaping and Construction continues to uphold the beauty of this landscape with expert care and attention to detail. From pruning and shaping the hedges to ensuring the overall health of the plants and lawn, our team works tirelessly to maintain this picturesque setting, ensuring that it remains a standout feature of this Raleigh home.

Behind the Project

Project Leaders

Todd Myatt Vice President

Edwin Nichols Maintenance Account Manager

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