Residences, offices and shopping in one location

This dynamic all-in-one destination, nestled off Glenwood Avenue, offers a harmonious blend of office spaces, apartment living, shopping, and dining experiences, all complemented by impeccable landscaping. Myatt Landscaping and Construction played a pivotal role in creating this vibrant multi-use park and continues to uphold its pristine beauty to the highest standards.

Featuring two distinct sets of apartment living options, along with a variety of dining and shopping establishments, this location has become a coveted hub for professionals in Raleigh. The meticulously crafted landscape includes green walls, thoughtfully designed annual flower beds, and lush greenery that enhances both the beauty and functionality of the space.

Our dedicated team at Myatt Landscaping and Construction takes great pride in maintaining the amenities offered in this space. From sparkling pools and inviting outdoor seating areas to cozy fireplaces, every element is meticulously cared for to ensure they remain in pristine condition. This commitment to excellence ensures that this vibrant destination continues to thrive as a premier location in Raleigh, offering both residents and visitors an unparalleled experience

Behind the Project

Project Leaders

Herbie Champion Installation Division Manager

Jonathon Clifton Project Manager

Robby Tackett Maintenance Account Manager

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