Modern French Garden

  • Project Type:Residential
  • Location:Chapel Hill, NC
  • Design Partner:Sears Design

Tucked away in a private forest of rolling hills, we worked with Sears Design to create a landscape reminiscent of a French palace for our client. The project consisted of precise landscaping, with the goal of creating a breathtaking French garden. The natural terrain of the property is steep, which posed a unique challenge in creating a formal rose parterre with straight, clean cut lines and level terraces. It was especially important that our team implemented precise grading and drainage systems throughout the property to preserve the landscape and prevent erosion caused by rainfall. The result was an awe-inspiring French garden which was built to last through even the heaviest rain. For ongoing maintenance, we maintain the integrity of the original design with precise shearing, edging, and pruning. Additionally, we provide vibrant seasonal flowers, which are netted to ensure that wildlife grazing is kept at bay

Behind the Project

Project Leaders

Todd Myatt Vice President

Zach Borland Maintenance Account Manager

Crew Members

Maintenance: Neal Baker, Alberto Aguilar, Steven Schaeffer

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