Downtown Perennial Garden

These clients spends a lot of time outdoors and grow their own vegetables. Our company installed a completely new landscape for the house including diverse perennial gardens and shrubs, several raised beds for growing vegetables, a low-maintenance warm-season lawn, and an evergreen screen to create privacy around the backyard. The local rabbit population loved the garden a little too much, so we also installed rabbit fencing around the perimeter. We installed a French drain to prevent water washing down the slope into the pool. Our maintenance staff keep the loose, natural form of the shrubs by careful seasonal pruning, and maintain the turf, perennials, and groundcovers on a weekly basis.

Gold Award - Landscape Management, Residential


Behind the Project

Project Leaders

Todd Myatt Vice President

Robby Tackett Maintenance Account Manager

Crew Members

Maintenance: Sergio Mendoza, Camilo Vazquez, Humberto Herrera, Lorena Rodriguez 

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