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Hi! I'm Caitlin, the Recruiting Specialist and Company Ambassador for Myatt Landscaping. I handle hiring, outreach, social media, and basically whatever else comes my way! My background is in horticulture, but I'm loving my new role in human resources and marketing. On this blog, I will be sharing some of the training we do with our crews so that others can benefit too, and I'll share stories about the amazing people who are part of the Myatt Landscaping family. Welcome!

By Misty Gil, Posted in Feature Stories

You may or may not know the exact details of what you want for your future landscape, but you know you want it to be different than what you have. Whether you want to add a recreation area in your backyard, revitalize your front yard, or just want a... read more.

By Sophia Gibaldi, Posted in Feature Stories

Tropical Plants of North Carolina by Sophia Gibaldi


It’s a bone-chilling winter day and you’re sitting in your living room looking out the window thinking “I wish I could be transported to the Caribbean... read more.

By Misty Gil, Posted in Feature Stories, Plants

North Carolina’s landscape is full of trees. In most areas, with no interference from people, this state would be a forest of hardwoods and pine trees. Many times, homes are built with the hope of keeping the canopy cover of trees to bring shade... read more.

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Your new install looks great! You are thinking about the time you are going to spend in your new back yard, or how the house looks from the road. Everything is fresh, green, and beautiful. Now the maintenance begins. Nature is always fighting to get... read more.

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We see vloggers and influencers talk about trends in clothing, home décor, and makeup, but did you know that landscaping has trends as well? The plant ID classes our team took in college may look as different now as a textile... read more.

By Misty Gil, Posted in Feature Stories

Winter tasks in the landscape


Landscape maintenance in the winter may look a bit different than maintenance in the growing season. For one, landscape maintenance professionals probably won’t be doing mowing in the winter,... read more.

By Misty Gil, Posted in Plants

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean that you are relegated look at a stark landscape for months on end. There are many plants that add winter interest that you can add to your landscape. Some of these plants can also supply refuge and a... read more.

By Misty Gil, Posted in People

Raleigh Iron Works is a piece of history forged into a modern use. The buildings are part of historic steel mills and warehouses that were once part of Paden Steel.  Grubb Ventures is creating office space, retail, and a new seven story... read more.

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Native trees to consider for fall color

We think of the North Carolina Mountains when we think of fall color. But the eastern part of the state has fall beauty to share as well. Anywhere from early October to the end of the month, you can... read more.

By Misty Gil, Posted in #TeachingTuesday

September and October in the south are excellent times to refresh and restart. Our crews are in full swing aerating and over-seeding fescue lawns mid to late September. The cool temps and chances for rain make September a prime time to replenish... read more.

By Misty Gil, Posted in #TeachingTuesday

There is no better person on the Myatt Team to talk about plant trends, than the guy who sources most of the trees and shrubs that Myatt installs. Vice-President Chris Eakins is that guy. We sat down with Chris to find out what he is seeing in the... read more.

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Winterizing Your Landscape

This winter has been a bit colder so far than the last few NC winters we have had, so here are a few things you can do to help your garden be at its best next spring.